Our Quality Policy

Our target is to ensure satisfaction of our customers beyond their requests and expectations, to ensure continuous growth and development of our organization by constant improvement of effectiveness of our quality management system, and to become one of the leading organizations of our sector.

In order to achieve our goal, we:
• plan our activities having regard to requests and expectations of our customers, employees and shareholders and of the society.
• take notice of compliance with legal and technical legislation,
• prioritize quality and efficiency in production,
• establish cooperation with our suppliers on the basis of mutual benefit,
• constantly improve qualifications of our personnel,
• exercise due diligence in protection of human health and environmental health,
• follow technological advancements,
• place importance on internal information flow.

Our Food Safety Policy

Purpose of HACCP Food Safety System implementations is to provide natural and healthy products that they can trustfully consume.

Through HACCP Food Safety System, we take under control all possible hazardous factors for our customers' health at all stages from raw material purchase to consumption, thus ensure food safety at the highest level.

Being aware of the fact that our products are widely used as staple food, in order to ensure healthy and safe products, we:
• regard faultless application of cleanliness and hygiene implementations as a prerequisite,
• put our customers’ health first in all of our activities,
• continuously improve knowledge and skills of our employees,
• work in a responsibility-conscious manner in order to determine and eliminate possible hazards,
• follow the technological advancements in respect of product safety,
• make an effort to increase contribution of our suppliers to food safety. Development of our company and gaining an advantage in competition is dependent on attention and importance we pay to our customers’ health.

Our Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Our goal is to minimize the potential risks arising from working conditions, to achieve the zero work accident target by maintaining the highest level measures to ensure occupational health and safety of our employees, to ensure health and safety of all personnel working within the borders of the Company, and to constantly improve effectiveness of our occupational health and safety management system, while providing high quality products beyond requests and expectations of our customers.

The most important value that would enable us to reach all of our goals is “Human Resource”.
No work is as urgent and important as to put an employee’s safety of life in danger.
Occupational health and safety is an integral part of the works. All work accidents are preventable.
Our company keeps the conditions, tools and equipment required to ensure occupational health and safety of the employees faultlessly available in the work place.
Our company raises awareness of the employees by providing necessary training on occupational health and safety and creates a safe work environment.
Our company must absolutely comply with occupational safety procedures and provisions determined by laws.
Use of personal protective materials in compliance with the standards and respecting to warning signals and marks is individual duty of all personnel.

Our suppliers operating within the borders of the company must comply with the occupational health and safety provisions laid down by laws and with policies and rules of the company.

Customer Satisfaction Policy

We resolve the complaints of our customers in a manner to satisfy them and in accordance with the legal terms.
We use all incoming complaints to improve our system.
We do not impose any financial obligation to our customers to resolve their complaints.
We provide resources and trainings required for constantly improving our Complaint Management System.

Our Environmental Policy

• We comply with all local and national laws and regulations on environment and constantly improve our system.
• We train all of our employees on environment.
• We take measures to reduce our wastes produced by our company.
• We consider environmental impacts in all activities related to our company and take necessary measures to reduce wastes and prevent pollution sources.

All of our employees are responsible to comply with and apply these principles and values. Otherwise, unit chief is immediately informed and takes necessary measures.

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