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Fresh milk, which forms raw material of Enka Süt products, is collected twice a day, in the morning and evening, from over 15.000 producers operating at Central Anatolia and Mediterranean regions and collected milk is transported to collection centers without delay after collected milk undergo examination by veterinaries.

Enka Süt, performing its production activities under two main titles which are industrial product group and fresh product group, is the market leader in some industrial products such as Whole and Skimmed Milk Powder and Whey Powder.

Collected milk is refrigerated up to +4°C within very short time and transferred to tankers with thermal control in order to transport to factory, and milk is converted into products within 24 hours following treatment.

In Enka Süt products for which principle of natural food is strictly adhered and all stages of production is supervised by food engineers and milk technologist and approximately 300 employees starting from collection of milk and no additive is used. Consequently, our Company offers fresh, clean and high quality products with natural taste, which is particularly appreciated by Turkish society.

Enka Süt proceeds in sharing all of its products strictly adhered to principle of natural food with whole Turkey. In order to allow everyone in the country to taste this natural flavor and consume in meals with peace of mind; a perfectly coordinated, meticulous and professional distribution network management is carried out. KONYA, ANKARA, ANTALYA, ESKİŞEHIR, KARAMAN, KÜTAHYA, AFYON, ISPARTA, KAYSERI, AKSARAY, NEVŞEHİR, KIRŞEHIR, HATAY, GAZIANTEP, KAHRAMAN MARAŞ, KILIS, MERSIN, BURSA, YALOVA, ERZURUM, ISTANBUL, RIZE, GİRESUN and SAMSUN being in the first place, Enka Natural Milk delight reaches to groceries, markets and charcuteries of 25 different provinces of our country through our distributors.

Our marketing activities are continuing across Turkey and we have aimed at transportation of Enka Süt products even to the back of beyond of our country with our new distributors to be added. ENKA, which is one of the well-established companies of Konya, the capital of Anatolian Seljuk Empire, transports its products as fresh and natural as the day they were produced to your tables owing to our systems realized by using high production standards and the latest technologies as well as our refrigerated vehicles.

Enka Süt, within the scope of determination of the first and second 500 Large Industrial Organizations of Turkey organized by Istanbul Chamber of Industry every year, has been included among the industrial organizations in the list every year.

Enka Natural Milk products reach to groceries, markets and charcuteries of 25 different provinces of our country through our distributors.


We will continue to provide services both within the country and abroad with our professional production approach.

Leading Producer of Turkey

We have become the brand preferred by 60% of the food companies included among the first 500 companies of Turkey in production of the basic industrial dairy products. At the same time, we take the pride of becoming the leading organization by meeting 70% of the need for whey powder in Turkey.

A first in Turkey! Coffee Cream

Enka Süt, producing Turkish coffee cream with a specific cream color and fluidal nature, is proud of becoming Turkey’s face turned to abroad when it comes to breaking grounds.


Production in accordance with Halal Rules

Enka Süt, having the leading position in local production, carries out its production activities under its GIMDES Halal Certificate.

The only Company producing Tomato Powder with Spray Dry Method


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