Customer Satisfaction Policy

“Customer Focus” underlies Enka Süt’s Customer Satisfaction Policy. We aim to improve continuously our processes according to the demands and expectations of our customers and to communicate with our customers in the long-term.

For maintaining customer satisfaction, we take the following actions: to inform all employees whether customer conditions are satisfied or not by assessing and evaluating changing expectations of our customers; to perform product development studies; and to carry out improvement activities by taking the slightest dissatisfaction related to the products seriously.

We perceive all kinds of feedback that are coming from our customer as a gift. We use all sources that we have in our customer-focused services to turn customer feedbacks into “customer satisfaction”. While positive feedbacks indicate that we are on the right track, improvement advices are considered to be important data on the way to achieve our objective, “always being one step ahead”.

In Customer Communication Center, we gather the demands and opinions of our customers together and evaluate them systematically and integrally. We improve our work processes for fulfilling the expectations of our customers; we also develop products and services that fulfill these expectations.

ISO 10002: 2014- Customer Complaint Management

Enka Süt has been the first company in the milk sector to be awarded with ISO 10002 Customer Satisfaction Management System Certificate. We continuously perform improvement efforts to increase customer satisfaction within this framework. Product and service quality increases with a successful customer complaint management.

Complaint Policy

We resolve the complaints of our customers in a manner to satisfy them and in accordance with the legal terms.

We use all incoming complaints to improve our system.

We do not impose any financial obligation to our customers to resolve their complaints.

We provide resources and trainings required for constantly improving our Complaint Management System.

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