Cheese Powder

20 KG

Product Information

Packing Type Kraft bag
Storage Conditions Max %65 relative humidity and 35 °C
Packing Size 500x900x140 mm
Ingredient Types of cheese, melting salts, stabilizer.

Packaging :

3 folds of kraft bag with polyethylene inner liner, 25 kg per bag. Unused, clean, waterproof, lightproof and good for human health.

Nutritional Informations

Energy (kcal/kj) 467 / 1955
Total fat g 26
Protein (dry matter) g 25
Total Sugars (Lactose) g 42

Storage Conditions & Shelf Life :

Should be stored
under max relative humidity (<%65) and max 35°C in warehouse. Shouldn’t be exposed to direct sunlight or strong odours. It keeps its freshness up to expiry date in unopened bag under storage

Country of origin: Turkey

Cheese Powder

Our offered range of powder is processed by spray
drying the cheese slurry, similar to the process of
powdered milk.


• Biscuit
• Bakery
• Instant soup

• Macaroni
• Cracker
• Snacks (Potato crisps)

• Processed cheese
• Confectionery
• Creams


• Improve flavour and aroma.
• Improve the texture.
• Nutritional supplement.

• Binds the water.
• Thickener.
• Stabilizer for foam structure.

ENKA in the Industrial Products?

As an industrial and fresh product group, Enka Süt is the market leader in industrial products such as, fat and fat - free milk powder and whey powder. In particular, Enka Süt provides about 70 percent of the market's need, especially in whey powder.

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