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Uht (Ultra High Temperature) Milk

Enka Süt, which never compromises its naturalness, produces UHT milk after processing high quality whole-fat cow milk with UHT method and packaging under aseptic conditions. UHT (Ultra High Temperature) method, which is used in production of long life milk, (eliminates all microorganisms in milk and does not harm nutritional value of milk), is applied by exposing milk to ultra high temperatures in the range of 135-150 °C for a very short time (2-4 seconds). The consumers define UHT milk as sterilized, box or long life milk. It is filled into carton boxes untouched under aseptic conditions without any other processes. It has a special taste, odor, flavor, white color and homogeneous texture and it contains no preservers, colorants and other additives. Unless its box is opened, it preserves its freshness at room temperature until expiry date. Since it is homogenized, no fat would be seen on top of the milk and no boiling is necessary before drinking.

Fruit Flavored Uht Milk

Enka Fruit Flavored Milk is not only the favorite beverage of children, but also the favorite beverage of adults with its rich vitamin content. Enka Fruit Flavored Milk has three types, namely: cacao, strawberry and banana. Enka Fruit Flavored Milk, which combines all health-wise benefits of milk with delicious taste, is an important protein and calcium source and an irreplaceable element of lunch boxes with its practical, delicious and nutritious properties.


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