Skimmed Whey Protein Concentrate Powder (WPC)

25 KG

Product Information

Packing Type Kraft bag
Storage Conditions Max %65 relative
humidity and 35°C
Packing Size 550x1100x140 mm
Ingredient Whey


3 folds of kraft bag with polyethylene inner liner, 25 kg per bag. Unused, clean, waterproof, lightproof and good for human health.

Nutritional Informations

Energy (kcal/kj) 372 / 1556
Total Fat g 1
Protein g 36 / 70
Total Sugars (Lactose g) 54 / 20

Storage Conditions & Shelf Life :

Should be stored
under max relative humidity (<%65) and max 35°C in warehouse. Shouldn’t be exposed to direct sunlight or strong odours. It keeps its freshness up to expiry date in unopened bag under storage

Country of origin: Turkey

Skimmed Whey Protein Concentrate Powder

With 35% Protein
With 70% Protein

Whey protein concentrate is obtained by removing sufficient non-protein constituents from pasteurized whey so that the finished dry product contains not less than 35% protein. WPC are produced by membrane separation process (Ultrafiltration).

Usage Area

• Nutritional formulations
• Bakery and pastry
• Ice-cream and frozen dairy desserts
• Confectionery

• Chocolate
• Instant soup
• Infant formula
• Sports and nutrition foods
• Dry mixes (Milk based)

• Dietetic foods
• Fermented milk products (Such as yogurt)
• Processed cheese
• Meat products

For What Purpose

• Thickener
• Stabilizer
• Binds the water
• Nutritional supplement
• Improve flavour
• Improve the colour

• Emulsifier
• Improve the mouthfeel
• As a source of protein
• Control sucrose crystallization by lactose (In confections)
• Enhance browning (In caramel confections and bakery)

• Improve tenderness&smooth (In cakes, confections)
• Standardization / adjust the protein to fat ratio (In foods)
• Increased yield (In meat products)
• Improve the slicing qualities (In meat products)

ENKA in the Industrial Products?

As an industrial and fresh product group, Enka Süt is the market leader in industrial products such as, fat and fat - free milk powder and whey powder. In particular, Enka Süt provides about 70 percent of the market's need, especially in whey powder.

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