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As an industrial and fresh product group, Enka Süt is the market leader in industrial products such as, fat and fat - free milk powder and whey powder. In particular, Enka Süt provides about 70 percent of the market's need, especially in whey powder.

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After a portion of the water in the raw milk is evaporated, the durable and nutritious product obtained by pulverizing the condensed dry substance is a superior milk product. In this context, our factory has modern drying technologies which do drying without harming the nutritional values of milk’s nutritional values. Powder milk means as a kind of milk that is ready for the consumer at all times.
Powder Milk; it is also rich in protein, calcium and phosphorus. Powder milk is produced from fresh and healthy milk that has been subjected to all quality controls without the use of any additive orauxiliary substances.
The Production is done in fully automatic and computer controlled systems. Enka milk powder, which presents milk’s healthy and natural flavor structure with its concentrate structure; which can be used in making cakes, puddings, cookies, pies, ice cream, puree, yoghurt, cream, milky sweet, pancakes, souffle … etc.that, milk powder can be use devery where the milk is used.


The whey powder is a liquid which changes after the cheese are separated as casein and oil clot during making cheese using cheese yeast, the remaining part and the cheese composition is a liquid which changes depending on the cheese kind and construction technique. The whey powder; milk sugar (lactose) and serum proteins rich, food value is high, precious water.

Pasteurize draw whey powder is demineralized by separation from its salts with specially developed nanofiltration technique. The demineralized whey powder is concentrated by evaporation technique and dried by the spraying technique. The Whey Powder is used in biscuits, candies, chocolate, bakery products etc. as an important industrial product in the food sector. More than 50% of our country’s need for cheese juice is met by Enka milk. Enka whey powder is presented to the market in different protein (7%, 11%, 35%) and different demineralized grades (50%, 70%, 90%).

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In the Enka Süt product portfolio, products other than milk powder and whey powder (PST) after darkening of milk base draw materials, products produced by drying with special drying methods are also included. In this sense in our company we operate with different formulation and production techniques; milk-based products such as lactose monohydrate, yogurt powder, cheese powder, cream powder, butter milk powder and butter powder are also available.


Enka Milk; produces milk oil products that contain different proportions of milk fat and suitable for different purposes through different production methods. Butter, cream and plain oil are the main products in this group.

Butter having 80% to 82.5% milk fat content; is used in our breakfast, pastry and bread products, sauces and soups, but also used as raw material in plain oil production. Cream which has 65% milk fat content is indispensable for our breakfasts and at the same time, it is also used in butter production. The plain oil which has 99% milk fat content is indispensable for the baklava which is located in the Turkish weet culture.

These products, which are offered for consumption in different weight quantities, is used as raw material in the enterprises producing in the food industry.


Tomato powder produced using special drying method, with the method spray dry method is produced by Enka Süt as the first and only one in our country. Tomato powder, which is used as a powder or melted way with different food stuff, is generally preferred in soup and sauces.

Fruit powders which are dried by the same method are preferred in fruit juice production and baby foods. These products are preferred as raw materials in terms of storage in food enterprise sand shelf life.


Enka Süt, who has signed another principle in industrial powder product sector, is the only company that produces coffee cream in our country. Coffee cream dried through special drying methods; in your coffees, in your teas and etc. your drinks are ready to be consumed without any process.

Vegetable oil powder, which has different fat ratios, is included as the raw material in food industry where the enterprises that are manufacturing. Vegetable oil powder, Pasta mixes, bakery products and etc. is ready to be used in the production of food.

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