Enka Fruit Nectar contain the best fruits...

You will not get enough of the unique taste of various spectacular fruits in different colors when you drink ENKA Fruit Nectar. Fruit nectar, which has been an irreplaceable drink throughout the history, ENKA is a different product range of ENKA in addition to dairy products.

Fruit Nectars

Enka Fruit Nectar, which is produced to provide you the pleasure of fruits, a great source of mineral and vitamins, in all seasons after being collected in their season and preserving their juice and taste, is offered to the consumers as secure drink, using modern technology in terms of both production and packaging stages of production. Enka Süt offers fruit nectars in five juice categories: Cherry, Apricot, Orange, Peach and Mixed Fruit Juice. The best and most delicious fruits of the summer and winter seasons will fill your glasses with Enka’s assured high quality that you trust during all seasons.

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