The pleasure of butter...

Butter: an irreplaceable taste of our tables for centuries.
Enka Süt butter, which is a rich nutritional source, will have an important role in your healthy nutrition with its delicious flavor.


Butter, which is an irreplaceable taste of Turkish cuisine, is one of the most consumed natural food products with a delicious flavor. Enka traditional butter will provide you an irreplaceable flavor for both your meals and breakfasts.


Cream, which has been the crown of food culture and breakfasts for centuries, is offered you with Enka Süt’s quality assurance. Enka Breakfast Cream, which is one of the most natural and delicious type of dairy products obtained from the freshest milk, is produced untouched with the state of the art technology devices by processing raw milk that is approved as a result of physical, chemical and microbiological analyses carried out during input control by specialist food engineers and milk technologists. After milk fat (cream) is separated with the state of the art technology devices, it is sent to our units for pasteurization. Then, pasteurized product is refrigerated, packaged and stored in cold storage depots until it is offered to your tables.

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Enka Butteroil, of which almost all part of water and nonfat dry materials are removed from Enka Natural Milk, has at least 99% milk fat by weight. Enka Butteroil, which is an irreplaceable ingredient of Baklavas, is 100% natural and contains no additive. It has a soft consistency and it melts under core temperature.

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