5 KG

Product Information

Packing Type Tin box
Storage Conditions Max 4°C
Packing Size 160x160x218 mm
Ingredient Cow’s milk

Packaging: :

5 kg tin pack

Nutritional Informations

Total fat g 65

Storage Conditions:

Should be stored max 4 °C conditions. Shouldn’t be exposed to direct sunlight or strong odours. It keeps its freshness up to expiry date in unopened bag under storage conditions.

Shelf Life :

With %65 Fat – 6 month

Country of origin: Turkey


• With 65% Fat

Cream is a dairy product composed of the higher-butterfat layer skimmed from the top of cow’s milk before homogenization.

Usage Area

• Dairy products
• Butter and butteroil
• Ice cream
• Sauces and soups

• Puddings and custard bases
• Cakes and bakery products
• Confectionary products

• Sweet and fruit syrups and caramels
• Cheesecakes

For What Purpose

• Nutritional supplement
• Improve flavour and texture
• Raw material for butter and butteroil

• Emulsifier
• A carrier (For fat soluble ingredient such as vitamins and aids)
• To standardize fat content (Especially in dairy products

• Contribute whitining ability
• Filling material (In desserts)

ENKA in the Industrial Products?

As an industrial and fresh product group, Enka Süt is the market leader in industrial products such as, fat and fat - free milk powder and whey powder. In particular, Enka Süt provides about 70 percent of the market's need, especially in whey powder.

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