Our human resources policy, which sees humans as an indispensible element for achieving competitive advantage and the basis of permanent success, is based on the following principles:

  • Respect to humans and society forms the initial principle of our human resources policy.
  • It is ensured that our human resources are used effectively and efficiently,
  • Knowledge, skills and behaviors of employees are improved through regular training activities.

Thus competent people are brought in to Enka Süt A.Ş. by ensuring that employees are able to tell what they want and are open to changes.


The issue of objective selection is treated in a sensible manner in the selection process of human resources, which have a large share among the elements that shape the future of our firm, by complying with work ethics principles and making no discrimination.

During selection of staff process, the main principle of our firm is to select and place candidates; who are the most suitable for the qualification criteria determined by our firm for the relevant task, dynamic, open to constant improvement and have adopted teamwork.

In this process, Human Resources Department reviews the following alternatives: Intra-Company Transfer, Assessment of Submitted Applications and Advertising on Press and Media Organizations.

Human Resources Department accepts the applications. Candidates, who are considered to be positive as a result of preliminary interviews, are put in touch with the officer of the unit relevant to their occupational knowledge and experience.

Application forms recorded to the database of the firm and kept for one year.

The admission of the candidate, whose competency and interviews have been considered satisfactory to the job, is carried out with the final approval of the Humans Resources Directorate and the General Directorate.

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