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Hazelnut Chocolate Spread

Şokolenka feels joyful over flavoring your meals for years, as an irreplaceable part of the breakfast. Şokolenka can meet mineral and energy needs of children by hazelnut chocolate spread, rich of hazelnut with true cocoa and fresh milk.


Fresh or frozen fruits, carefully selected according to their season, are used in all types of Enka jams. Our products do not contain artificial aroma or colorant. Enka jams are produced pursuant to the applicable techniques and packaged untouched with automatic thermoform packaging systems starting from filling stage to the packing stage, and offered in three categories, namely: “Strawberry Jam”, “Sour Cherry Jam” and “Apricot Jam”.


Honey, which is a miraculous gift of the nature to the humankind, contains nectars of all sorts of flowers and pastoral plants, each one of which is very precious. Enka honey, containing many substances required for a healthy and balanced body, is an irreplaceable special nutritional source for your life with its rich content and flavor. It also makes significant contributions to the development of children. Enka honey, which is filled and packed untouched in automatic thermoform packaging systems, contains no additives.

Picnic Butter

“Butter, an irreplaceable taste of Turkish cuisine, owes its first rank among the most consumed products in the kitchen to its naturality and perfect flavor. Enka traditional butter adds an irreplaceable flavor to all of your meals including breakfasts. Our meals are richer with Enka pasteurized picnic butter offered in various packages.

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Processed Cheese

It provides a delicious taste to every hour of your day with its specific flavor and perfect consistency. Enka Processed Cheese produced from the carefully prepared Enka Süt cheeses will be the favorite of all your family, especially for young members and children. Enka Processed Cheese is easily spread to bread with its soft consistency, and this product that livens up breakfast, an important meal for children, provides calcium and protein while endearing cheese to them. It can be consumed in each and every meal by adding flavor to both sweet and salty recipes. 100 grams of the product meets 60% of your daily need for calcium. Enka Processed Cheese has a unique flavor, thanks to the special cheeses used in its production. It is very nutritious with its calcium content higher than milk, butter and yoghurt. Enka Processed Cheese, which is very healthy due to its production under the most hygienic conditions with the state of the art technology, is also extremely practical thanks to its package providing ease of storage as well as its spreadability.

Breakfast Cream

Cream, which is the king of our food culture and breakfasts for centuries, is coming to our tables with Enka Süt’s sense of high quality. Enka Breakfast Cream, which is one of the most natural and delicious dairy products, is produced untouched from suitable raw milk as a result of physical, chemical and microbiological analyses conducted during the input control performed by expert food engineers and milk technologists, with the state-of-art technology devices. Milk skimmed with our state-of-art technology devices (cream) is sent to our units for pasteurization. Afterwards, pasteurized milk is cooled and packaged, and stored in cold storage depots until it is offered to your tables.

Triangle Processed Cheese

Enka Triangle Processed Cheese, which is an irreplaceable product for breakfasts, snacks and especially bagel, adds pleasure to everyone’s life, adults and children alike, with its wonderful consistency and soft taste. Thanks to its practical package, it is easy to carry and use, an ideal snack for both children and adults, on the road, in school or in office. Triangle shaped cheeses, which can be easily consumed everywhere because of its ease of use and practicality, can also be used in preparation of various canapés and sandwiches. It is offered in portions of 12,5 gr and 15 gr. You will be addicted to Enka triangle cheeses, indispensible to practical and also delicious menus.

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